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L'essentiel sur le Kéfir


Vous recherchez une boisson à la fois rafraîchissante, saine et très bon marché?

Comment trouver des graines de kefir pour la préparer facilement à peu de frais, autant que vous en voulez?

Aux fruits ou au lait, retrouvez chez vous à peu de frais, les bienfaits du Kéfir.

En facilitant votre digestion le kefir bu régulièrement est un véritable produit minceur. 

Découvrez les secrets des bergers du Caucase qui firent des centenaires, mais aussi grâce aux analyses plus récentes l'action sur votre santé de cette boisson venue du fond des ages.

Et pour vous peut être, redécouvrir une boisson de votre enfance : de nombreuses familles autrefois préparaient leur Kéfir à la maison. On écrit aussi : khefir ou kephir


Apprenez à réaliser vous-même votre Kefir. Les graines ensuite se multiplient, et vous pourrez ainsi en donner à vos amis.

Comment trouver les fameuses graines pour fabriquer chez vous votre boisson? Les surplus de ma petite production familiale m'ont déjà permis de fournir de nombreuses personnes en quête de Kéfir, sur les forums en particulier.


Kefir Charmer [U smoothie U]


INGREDIENTS [Waiter! 2 smoothies for the charmed couple, by yesterday--- then, please!]

dot1 large or 2 small ripe bananas.
dot1-cup milk-kefir.
dot1-cup coconut milk, coconut cream or young coconut water.
dot1 to 2-Tbs fresh milk kefir grains [when surplus grains are available].
dot1/2 Tsp each ginger and cinnamon powder.
dot1 Tbs linseed [flax seed] soaked in the kefir above overnight.
dot1/2 Tsp natural vanilla essence.
dot2 fresh mint leaves.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly beverageThe Butterfly [Kupu-kupu Indonesia] is my reply to the junk cola-beverage, The Spider [Cola & Cream]. The Butterfly may be a means of introducing kefir to a kefir-novice, well tolerated by some of the fussiest taste buds. Children may also find the beverage appealing [some parents may only hope]. Any type of fruit juice may be used. The glass far left of picture is pure kefir with a sprinkle of cinnamon, decorated with a slice of Vanilla Persimmon fruit.


[Makes 1 cup]

dot 2/3 cup dark or light grape juice.
dot1/3 cup fresh kefir.
dot Slice of lemon or orange.
dot Sprinkle cinnamon powder.



Pour grape juice in a tall glass. Pour kefir over the grape juice. Kefir will float over the grape juice. With a straw, chopstick or a spoon, gently stir the kefir to form a swirl or a marble-like pattern; as an effect to satisfy the hunger of the eye [after all, the eye is what gets to sample any food first]. Preparing foods and drinks to look interesting and appealing to the eye is very inviting to the stomach.


Try preparing The Butterfly with other fresh fruit juices or a mixture including ; Melon, Black current, Cranberry, Black berry, Blue berry or mixed berry, Pomegranate, Mangostein, Black Cherry, Mango, Pineapple and young Coconut water or Coconut cream etc. Hhmm-hmmm!


Ingredients / Utensils

For 2-cups of Milk Kefir

dot1 to 2 tablespoons milk Kefir-Grains. To obtain kefir grains please go here at my kefirpage
dot3 to 4-cup clean glass jar with lid.
dotNylon or stainless steel mesh-type strainer and spoon.
dotSuitable container with wide open mouth for straining kefir into, and clean sealable bottle to store kefir.
dot2 cups fresh milk [Suitable milk types-- Raw un-pasteurised or pasteurised whole milk, fat-reduced, non-fat milk. Goat, Cow, Sheep, Buffalo, Camel and Mare's milk. I prefer fresh, raw whole goat or cow's milk in that order].


Put kefir grains in jar dotPlace fresh kefir grains in clean glass jar.

It is wise to mark the out side wall of the jar with a permanent marker or an elastic rubber band, to indicate the volume of grains put in the jar. As your kefir grains increase over future batches, it shall be easy to tell the portion of grains to remove, for that portion will go above the mark. The removed portion are your excess, or spare kefir grains. These may be blended with kefir to amplify the probiotic and therapeutic value of kefir when consumed. Alternatively, use spare grains to brew other interesting, healthy culture-products, mentioned bellow and throughout this site. See Links to all my Web Pages at the bottom of this page [all my web pages have those same links to each other, so you can find a topic].

Add fresh milk dotAdd fresh milk, place lid on jar, gently stir contents and let stand at room temperature for about 24 hours, or until the product thickens or sours to your liking.

Designate a spot away from direct sunlight for kefir fermentation, in a cupboard e.g. Do not fill the fermenting jar more than 3/4, otherwise the milk will overflow after some hours of fermentation. If the jar is sealed airtight, a slightly carbonated kefir results. Kefir is mostly prepared with the lid ajar, so that gas produced through fermentation is allowed to escape. It is usually best not to ferment for too much longer after the kefir shows signs of thickening, or separation seen as small pockets or layers of a pale-yellow liquid [whey]. Otherwise a sourer kefir results, and quite likely with separation becoming more prominent as 2 layers consisting of a thick white curd with whey at the bottom of ther container. Note that this is not a bad thing, but it can make straining more difficult, and some folks may find it too sour for their palett.

Strain kefir at 24 hours

dotPour contents into a strainer and strain the kefir into a suitable container to separate the kefir grains from the liquid-kefir.


dot Wash the fermenting jar and reuse the kefir grains for a new batch by repeating the whole process.

Ready to drink liquid-kefir What you've strained is kefir, also referred to as Liquid-Kefir. Store th eliquid-kefir in a clean bottle and seal the bottle airtight.

Kefir may be consumed right away, or better yet, store in a sealed bottle and refrigerate for a day or two and serve chilled. Another option is to ripen liquid-kefir at room temperature for a day or more, preferably under airlock. It can then be refrigerated for longer storage or served as you wish. 1 to 2 days storage in the fridge or ripened at room temperature improves flavour and increases nutritional value. Vitamins B6, B3 and B9 [folic acid] increase during storage, due to bio-synthesis of those vitamins mostly by yeasts of kefir grain organisms.

See section bellow Storing Kefir and Reducing Lactose for complete details about the ripening process, including ripening under airlock, which is by far the best method for maturing kefir.

To avoid damaging your kefir grains, never add kefir grains to a hot jar straight after washing the jar with hot water! First add fresh milk to the jar before adding any kefir grains. It's wise to make this a habbit. Now, you too are a Kefir-Meister.

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